Save a Trove newspaper page image

The Trove web interface doesn't provide a way of getting high-resolution page images from newspapers. This simple app lets you download page images as complete, high-resolution JPG files. You can specify a page to download by supplying and article or page url, or by selecting a newspaper, date, and page number.

This app is created from a Jupyter notebook using Voila, and runs on Heroku. You can explore and modify the code using the original notebook.

Enter your Trove API key

Get your own Trove API key and enter it below.

Either enter an article or page url...

You can use the url in your browser's location bar or an article or page permalink.

Or provide a date, newspaper title, and page number

There's no checking of the details you provide, so if you get the data or page wrong, nothing will be displayed. If you've provided a url above these settings will be ignored.

Choose the resolution

Page images are available in seven resolutions that correspond to the zoom levels in the Trove web interface. As a rough guide:

Get the image!

Just click on the button to get the page. The page image and a download link will be displayed below when it's ready.

Created by Tim Sherratt as part of the GLAM Workbench.
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