Save a Trove newspaper article as an image

Sometimes you want to be able to save a Trove newspaper article as an image. Unfortunately, the Trove web interface doesn't make this easy. The 'Download JPG' option actually loads an HTML page, and while you could individually save the images embedded in the HTML page, often articles are sliced up in ways that make the whole thing hard to read and use. This simple app crops the full article from the largest available page image. If the article is split between pages, multiple images are returned.

This app is created from a Jupyter notebook using Voila, and runs on Heroku. You can explore and modify the code using the original notebook.

Enter an article url

Just paste the url of the article you're interested in below. You can use the url in your browser's location bar or an article permalink.

Set a maximum size

You can limit the size of the images returned by selecting a maximum size below. This will resize the image (if necessary) to make sure it's largest dimension is less that the specified size (in pixels).

Leave this set to '0' to get the largest possible images.

Get the images!

The links and images will load below once they're ready.

Created by Tim Sherratt as part of the GLAM Workbench.
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