Create a thumbnail image from a Trove newspaper article

It can sometimes be difficult to create good-looking thumbnail images from Trove newspaper articles – the highlighting of article and keywords in particular can look a bit ugly. This simple app generates square thumbnails from an article and displays the results in an easily-downloadable form.

This app is created from a Jupyter notebook using Voila, and runs on Heroku. You can explore and modify the code using the original notebook.

Enter an article url

Just paste the url of the article you're interested in below. You can use the url in your browser's location bar or an article permalink.

Some optional settings

The app will create a square thumbnail with this height and width (in pixels). Change the size to suit your purpose.

If there's an illustration in the article, check this box to use it as the thumbnail. The illustration will not be cropped, so whitespace will be added around the image to make it square.

Make the thumbnail!

Just click on the button to create your thumbnail. The thumbnail image and a download link will be displayed below when it's ready.

Created by Tim Sherratt as part of the GLAM Workbench.
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